The Slide Farm

Welcome to The Slide Farm

Welcome to the Slide Farm, home of almost 30,000 licensed stock photo images for your easy viewing.  Most photographs were derived from 35 mm. transparencies with more recent images shot with a digital SLR.  All photography is through the eyes of Al Harvey, based in Vancouver, Canada.  The diverse collection is all key-worded and cross-referenced for easy access.

As this stock photo library is owner-operated you are encouraged to deal directly with the photographer for assistance in locating images and to negotiate a price for their usage. High resolution images can usually be emailed to you according to your specifics. Otherwise we will go thru our FTP site or, if need be, a CD of the image(s) can be couriered to you.

By clicking on the Images page you are given several choices for finding images in our large collection of stock photography online.  However the best choice is to email and let us do your photo research at no charge, if your request is on file it will be found instantly or perhaps within the vast collection of photography not displayed online. 

Our Selects

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